Koji informativni mediji imaju najbolji nastup na Instagramu? 1Foto: Pixabay

Na ovom spisku nalaze se neke od najvećih novinskih kuća u svetu, ali i neke od manje poznatih koje su se svojom autentičnošću izgurale na sam vrh Instagram novinarstva.

1) Na prvom mestu ove liste našla se Instagram stranica Buzzfeed News World.

Ovu stranicu sama uređuje i vodi Kassy Cho.

Sve važne vesti iz sveta isporučuju novinari sa svih strana zemljine kugle, na svoj autentičan način. To je ono što ovu stranicu čini posebnom.

Kreativan dizajn, fotografije i naslovi, lepo i informativno upakovani u svakodnevne objave, čine ovu stranicu jedinstvenom.


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Dutee Chand, a 23-year-old Indian sprinter, has become the first openly LGBT professional athlete in her country after she told local newspaper, The Sunday Express, that she is in a same-sex relationship with a woman from her village in eastern India. Her announcement comes less than a year after India’s Supreme Court struck down a 157-year-old law that criminalized gay sex. Chand, a member of India’s national track and field team, is known for winning a lawsuit in 2015 against the International Association of Athletics Federations for banning her from competing against other women because she has hyperandrogenism, a condition that naturally produces high testosterone levels. Many saw the rule as an example of international sports organizations policing women for having “masculine” qualities, according to the New York Times. Chand was the first Indian sprinter to reach a final at a global athletics event, the World Youth Championships in 2013, has competed at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and won two silver medals at the Asian Games in 2018, the BBC reported. “I have always believed that everyone should have the freedom to love. There is no greater emotion than love and it should not be denied,” Chand said 🇮🇳🌈❤️ (📷: Getty) – #duteechand #woman #women #sprint #sprinter #run #runner #runners #run #running #instarunner #runnersofinstagram #athlete #athletes #sport #sports #trackandfield #lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #lesbian #gay #loveislove #pride #equality #equalrights #samesex #equality #india #indian

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2) Sledeći na spisku je čuveni britanski The Guardian.

Ozbiljne vesti i sadržaj, pažljivo približeni ljudima na Instagramu.

Velika obazrivost na detalje i reputacija koju imaju, dovela je The Guardian na tako visoku poziciju.

3) BBC News nalazi se na trećem mestu ove liste.

Njihova vrhunska upotreba Instagram storija, kako bi ljude privukli sa svoj sajt i uputili ih u još više povezanih priča.

4) Tic-Toc by Bloomberg


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These are the rivals lining up to replace U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May.

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5) The Times of London

6) The Telegraph

7) Fox News


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Photo of the Day: A rainbow can be seen behind wind turbines in Brandenburg, Germany.

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8) The Washington Post


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While the Trump administration has made the opioid epidemic a priority, people in communities across the country continue to die in record numbers from fentanyl, and health officials are struggling to provide treatment for tens of thousands more. President Trump has taken a number of steps to confront the crisis, stem the flow of fentanyl into the country from China and Mexico, and step up prosecutions of traffickers. Congress also has increased spending on drug treatment. But health policy experts say drug treatment funding is not nearly enough, and the administration’s response was hobbled by the failure to appoint a drug czar in its chaotic first year and confusion over who was in charge of drug policy. The depth of the problem continues to overwhelm the government’s response, and the administration has yet to produce a comprehensive strategy that is legally required by Congress. In 2017, the first year of the Trump presidency, a record 28,869 people died from synthetic-opioid-related overdoses, a 46.4 percent increase from the year before. Most were from fentanyl, which is 50 times more powerful than heroin. Estimates for the first eight months of 2018, the most recent available, show that an additional 20,537 Americans died — a toll on pace to exceed the previous year’s. Read more on washingtonpost.com. (Photos by @salwangeorges/The Washington Post)

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9) News.com.au

10) VICE News


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Trump appears shocked to hear there are meetings being held about „the I-word.“

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